All Tomorrow’s Parties
An online international group exhibition of writing, visual art, sound and new media
Stoa Collective
June 18 – September 18, 2021
Virtual Launch:
Friday, June 18
8:00 P.M. IST
Exhibited Work: Unconscious Voices
Unconscious Voices, 2020
Unconscious Voices, 2020
All Tomorrow’s Parties is a multidisciplinary exhibition which invited artists worldwide – queers and queens, hedonists and troublemakers – to create with rich passion and colour, embracing the flavours of togetherness and ritual. 
Writing bold words of desire, sketching the sweat of bodies pressed in a swarm, building us a sculpture that celebrates the weird and mysterious. Here come the drums to mark the season, calling to us to dance. Take the lead and remind us how to thrive. There’s a party coming and it has been far too long. We’ve missed you. Missed your palette, patterns and pulse. It is time to seek out the golden robe hidden in the attic, dust off those heels and angel wings, adorn yourself with silk and heather, paint your lips and sew your hair with the flowers of midsommar, fix a mask of enchanting mystery, choose your character and slip on their shoes. As we lose ourselves to revelry and find ourselves debaucherous, we promise to dance with fire – all together at last – this moment will not end. 
Stoa Collective is an online platform for artists of all disciplines, founded with a very specific problem in mind. In this ever-changing world, so many young artists have overflowing creative energy, but they lack a space to showcase their work – us included. So we thought hey, the Internet. In ancient Greece, a Stoa was a covered walkway run for public use. Here, people could come together and discuss politics, do business, devise new philosophies, expose their art, or simply stretch their legs. Stoa Collective is empty space our artists can use. Whether they need a stage, an art gallery, a city square, or a shop window, our mission is to provide that space, and help them bloom in it.
Director & Curator
Director & Curator
Annachiara, the founder and director of Stoa Collective, is a Dublin-based theatre maker and artist from Rome, Italy. Her core belief is that we are more alike than we are different. Her practice is focused on the portrayal of emotions and the familiar to explore the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable. Her work focuses on technology, on empathy as a muscle we can train, and on the good and bad things that happen when human beings come together.