Winter Members Exhibition 2020
An international group exhibition of fine art
Scottish Arts Club
24 Rutland Square
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2BW
United Kingdom​​​​​​​
December 2, 2020 – January 30, 2021
Virtual Launch:
December 2
5:00 P.M. GMT
Exhibited Works: What Diogenes Saw; Dorsoduro II
What Diogenes Saw, 2019
What Diogenes Saw, 2019
Dorsoduro II, 2020
Dorsoduro II, 2020
Welcome from the President and Members of the Scottish Arts Club to the Winter Exhibition “Little and Large.” The online gallery hosts a selection of artwork from our current exhibition. Artworks by our members are on show on 2 floors, an exhibition of small works in our Dining Room and larger pieces and sculptures in the 2nd floor Club Room. The exhibition is on until Sat 30 January 2021, visits by appointment only.
The Scottish Artists’ Club was founded in 1873 by a group of artists and sculptors, including Sir John Steell, Sculptor to Queen Victoria, and Sir George Harvey, President of the Royal Scottish Academy. For twenty years they met in a series of premises around the West End of Edinburgh, including George Street, Castle Street and Queen Street. In 1894, the building at 24 Rutland Square was purchased and Lay Members were welcomed. To reflect the widening of membership, the Club was renamed the Scottish Arts Club. Indeed, the Club includes many luminaries among its former and current Members. 
Former Members include fine artists Sir Joseph Noel Paton, William McTaggart, Stanley Cursiter and Robin Philipson; sculptors C D’O Pilkington Jackson, Alexander Carrick, Andrew Dods, Hew Lorimer, Benno Schotz and Norman Forrest; photographers Edward Drummond Young, George Balmain and Paul Shillabeer; architects Robert Lorimer and Sir Basil Spence; writers George Gregory Smith, George Saintsbury, Sir Compton Mackenzie, George Scott Moncrieff, Eric Linklater, Nigel Tranter and Tom Fleming; and poets Edwin Muir, Norman MacCaig, Sydney Goodsir Smith and Hugh MacDairmid; among many others. Authors Alexander McCall Smith and Ian Rankin, architect Professor Andrew Merrylees and composer John McLeod are among eminent current Members.
Curated by
Malena Persson, Curator
Joyce Campbell, Art Convener