Tempus Tempest, 2018
Tempus Tempest, 2018
Tempus Tempest | 2018
12” x 12” archival pigment print photograph, giclée on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta
19” x 18” x 1” signed, framed & matted | Edition of 5 + AP
Exhibited at/Featured In:
“April Spilsbury Exhibition,” the Arts Club of Washington (Apr. 1–30, 2022; Washington, DC)
“Ad Amnesia: Identity and recall in the modern age,” the Arts Club of Washington (Mar. 4–26, 2022; Washington, DC)
Feature Interview, 15th Ed. Vol. 46, LandEscape Contemporary Art Review (Apr. 10, 2021; London, UK)
“Rebirth,” The Holy Art Gallery (Jan. 15–22, 2021; London, UK)
“Artist Statement #5,” Czong Institute of Contemporary Art (May 6–24, 2020, Gimpo; South Korea)
“Cityscapes 2,” Glasgow Gallery of Photography (Apr. 13–19, 2020; Glasgow, Scotland)
“Forces,” Art#23 Gallery (Mar. 13–19, 2020; London, UK)
“5th Annual Salon of Art Resilience,” Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou (Aug. 10–25, 2019; Saint-Frajou, France)
“Significant Colour,” PH21 Gallery of Photography (Aug. 1–24, 2019; Budapest, Hungary)
“Winter Open Photography Exhibition,” The Salmagundi Club (Jan. 7–24, 2019; New York, NY) 
A lower Manhattan office building stands in the background. The gathering clouds of a summer storm reflected in its windows. A sculpture depicting the continents of the world in the foreground. The sculpture and the building of which it is a part built on top of a 17th century Dutch fort… A consequence of modernity embodied in a storm perpetually gathering.